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Amazing Backyard Patio Designs You Can Apply

To think and come up with backyard patio designs for one’s own house can be a truly exciting craft to do on your own. Moreover, once you have decided on your own backyard patio design, it is sure to meet all your set expectations since you are the one who made it.

There is a very wide range of options that can be considered for deck and patio design. Such includes a variety of elements, patterns, styles, materials which are meant to contribute in making the landscape of your home more attractive looking.

Here are four stylish backyard patio designs, which you can consider for your own home:

Combination of Deck and Patio

The combining of a concrete or stone built patio with a traditional deck made of wood is the most common amongst all designs. You can also consider creating a patio with a decked gazebo to come up with an effect of a very private or intimate dining scene, making it genuinely unique from the rest of the designs.

The Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen

This design can be a bit luxurious but it can surely impress anyone who would get to see it. Just imagine all the advantages it can give to your guests without having to go indoors to get the things that you need for the gathering. You can install permanently large grills or ranges perfect for any cookout event. A built in outdoor wine cooler or refrigerator can also be perfect to treat your guests for a relaxing summer night.

The Old Fashioned Charm

This design can make you feel like traveling back to the Victorian period where you will place porch swings and the traditional looking rocker chairs. If you want to add a touch of modernism, then just simply get the rocking chairs made out of metal and other additional elements for as long as they are made out of metal.

The Calming Garden

All you need to do with this design is to place a simple patio fountain to give you the calming sense of nature that the sound of water alone can do. You can also try to come up with a water garden that has a fishpond. Many feng shui experts say that filling up a fishpond with koi can bring in a relaxing and tranquil feeling to the stressed mind.

These are just four of the many other designs that you can choose to give your backyard a makeover. You can search the net for a lot of other designs which you can do to make this do-it-yourself task so much interesting and fun for you and the rest of the family.

Patio Cover

Patio covers are usually made to suit the needs of the homeowner and there is no standard sizing for patio covers. Therefore, the best way to get the perfect patio cover for your home is to consult with a professional who can customize the patio cover to fit your requirements. However, before consulting with the patio cover expert, you will need to sit down and do a little bit of research. Patio Cover What kind of patio cover do you want? What is the main reason why you’re looking at patio covers for your home? What are your preferences when it comes to color, material and functionality of the patio cover? And finally, do you have a budget for it and how much is it?

Once you sit down and fine-tune the above details, it will make your search for the perfect patio cover easier.

The posts to your patio cover

Typically, your patio cover will need about 3 or 4 posts to hold it up together but the number of posts you will need for your patio cover depends on the load, the length of the patio cover, and the materials that the patio cover is made of. These patio cover posts will be set some 10′ to 12′ feet apart, once again, depending on the load, length and material that the patio cover is made of. To determine where and how the patio cover posts are position, you will need to discuss it with someone who is experienced in setting up patio covers.

The setting of the posts for the patio covers is fully dependent on the weight of the patio cover awnings as well. Generally speaking, they weigh about .62 lbs per square foot. With some simple calculations, the patio covers expert will be able to tell you how far apart the patio cover posts should be positioned from each other.

Some patio covers can withstand the harshest of weathers

Some patio covers are made to withstand even the harshest weathers, including snow storms, rainstorms, and wind. Some patio covers are designed to withstand up to about 90 MPH wind, so, be careful about selecting the patio cover for your home as you will need to know the speed of the wind that is common in your neighborhood.

Setting up your own patio cover

Patio covers CAN be ordered online through websites but if you’re not experienced in setting it up yourself, you should consider getting someone to do it for you. But through experience, you CAN set up your patio cover yourself. Just remember you will need to do a little bit of research and educate yourself on how to set up the patio covers yourself before you embark on this DIY patio cover setting-up process.

Setting up your patio cover yourself can be relaxing, educational, and exciting! So, get ready to have some fun!

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