Ocean Themed Decor At Living Room

One of the most beautiful and peaceful places to visit is the ocean shore, and this is why ocean themed decor is very popular. Decorating with a seaside theme evokes memories of visiting the ocean, and those memories can be preserved forever with ocean themed home decor. When searching for a new theme for decorating a living room, consider a seaside theme. Ocean themed wall art decor comes in many different styles and price ranges, and it is a theme that will enable you to create a seaside oasis within the comfort of your living room. The following creative ideas for decorating a living room with a seaside theme will help you get started.

Ocean Themed Metal Wall Sculptures and Candle Lanterns

Some of the most impressive and beautiful works of metal wall art have an ocean theme, and when decorating a living room with underwater accents, the options could not be more plentiful. When searching for wall artyou will discover amazing wall sculpturesand metal wall hangingsthat include schools of colorful lifelike fish and underwater plant life. Select a large work of ocean themed wall art, and create a stunning focal point on a living room wall. Light up the display with stylish candle lanterns similar to those held by the lighthouse keepers of days gone by along the ocean shore. Mount a candle lantern on each side of a stylish work of ocean themed wall art, and select candles in a soft ocean scent. Light the candles to cast amber light across the wall to create a dramatic and impressive ocean themed living room display.

Create This Simple Ocean Themed Tabletop Display

To create a simple ocean themed tabletop display that is ideal for decorating a side table or coffee table you will need a small woven basket, dried sea grass, and an array of colorful seashells, starfish, and sand dollars. Visit the artificial flower aisle of any discount store and you will find assortments of beautiful shells and accessories. Line the sides and bottom of an attractive woven basket with a layer of dried sea grass, and top the sea grass with shells and embellishments of your choice. This simple ocean themed tabletop display will create interest and appeal, and the natural works of underwater art will add to the beauty of seaside themed living room decor.

Fish Wall Art

Large ocean fish and undersea creatures look amazing when preserved and mounted on a wall, but it is not necessary to end the life of a living being for the purpose of decorating a home. Instead, consider displaying detailed reproductions of undersea life on a living room wall. Fish wall art is perfect for decorating a living room with a stylish ocean theme, and it will create an impressive display without taking the life of a beautiful creature of the sea.

Create Seashell Embellished Pillar Candles

Candles are ideal for decorating a living room of almost any theme or style, and ordinary pillar candles are easy to embellish with small lightweight shells. To make a seashell embellished pillar candle you will require two candles, one to decorate and one for melting. You will also need dozens of small lightweight seashells, tiny starfish, a lighter, and a small fine-tip paintbrush.

Begin by lighting the candle that will be used to collect melted wax. Allow the candle to burn until a well of melted wax begins to form around the wick. Use the paintbrush to apply the hot wax to the edges of small shells and starfish, and before the wax has a chance to cool and harden, press the embellishments into the sides of the second pillar candle. Continue until the entire bottom third of the candle is covered with shells and tiny dried starfish. The candle can be lit until it burns down to the level of the decorations.

Shadowbox Art

Eye-catching and interesting shadowbox art is another variety of home decor that is ideal for decorating a living room in a seaside theme. Shadowboxes decorated in an ocean theme include decorative items such as starfish, seashells, and sea grass displayed on a textured background resembling sand. Hang two or more seaside themed shadowboxes in a grouping or use shadowboxes to accent larger works of ocean themed wall art.

Use these and other creative and affordable ways to decorate a living room in a seaside theme. With creativity, a source of fine wall art, and a little imagination, any living room can look like a decorator’s showplace. It really is very easy to implement high-quality home decor in an ocean theme and create a beautiful indoor oasis reminiscent of the seaside.

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