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Living Room Decorating Ideas

So you need living room decorating ideas and wondering where to begin. We can help you with getting started.

The outcome of your living room decorating ideas should result in a space that is visually pleasing.

To create this effect, regardless of your theme, there are several considerations to evaluate. First and foremost is the amount of space you need to decorate.

Is the living room decorating going to encompass a small room, a large room or a room with some rather unique dimensions? Is the room L-shaped? There may even be some unique dimensional qualities such as a rounded corner or a window seat under a big bay window.

If the room is extremely large or L-shaped, your living room decorating ideas may incorporate dividing the room into two unique sitting areas. In a home that does not have a formal dining room you may want to turn part of the larger living room into a dining area.

Regardless of your living room decorating theme, whether french country, contemporary or rustic, the spatial aspects of the room are important. If your room is narrow and long, utilizing mirrors on the short width walls will create a wider visual impression.

If the living room you are decorating is undersized, do not use overstuffed or large furniture pieces. These will make the room look even tighter.

Room size also impacts the depth of tones in your color palette. If your room is tiny, stay away from darker shades in either the warm or cool palettes.

To make the most of your living room decorating ideas, in a small room use the palest shade in your color scheme for the walls. This will make the room seem larger than it actually is.

A diagonal pattern on one wall of several shades in your palette can elongate the wall. A darker accent wall in an extremely large room will make a statement and make the room seem more diminutive.

A few scattered accessories of the darker wall tone will tie it in to the rest of the living room decorating.

If vaulted ceilings make your large room look cavernous, you can bring them back down to earth by using a darker shade than the wall. As an example, if your living room decorating ideas have your walls a pale blue, paint one section of the vaulted ceilings in the same color, just one or two shades darker.

In a large room with a rounded large corner create a separate seating area. You can even swap tones from your living room decorating palette so the two seating areas complement each other.

Whatever your living room decorating ideas are, bear three things in mind. Never clutter your space with furniture outsized for the room or excessive accessorizing.

Always choose a theme that you are comfortable with, whether Tuscan or ultra-modern, it’s your home and should reflect your personality. Above and beyond these items, remember to have fun with your living room decorating ideas.

This is a chance to let your creativity shine!

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