Kitchen Design for Small Space

One of the most daunting tasks for an interior decorator / designer is the development of efficient, usable and appealing small kitchen space design when facing size limitations. Often limitations in home size also mean limitations in available budget for the design . Experienced designers know there are still many solutions to small kitchen space design needs.

One way to open up small kitchen space to unlimited possibilities is to invite the outdoors inside. This is done through the use of integrated use of natural and normal ambient lighting. Lighting space columns bring in natural but indirect light at no cost of operation. Use of “Daylight” ambient lighting mixes well with indirect natural light to give your kitchen , no matter what the size, an open outdoor feeling. Take advantage of our free downloads to help solve your small kitchen problems.

A little leg work or Internet finger exercise will allow you to explore possibilities touted by the NKBVA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) in the area of unique storage possibilities.

A visit to both specialty kitchen design stores and large chain home decorating companies will allow you to consider several types of multi-functional and space saving kitchen appliances.

Some of the successful and effective design and storage ideas we have used on past kitchen design work have been the following.

Use special furniture for the kitchen . Examples of special pieces are drop leaf tables or use of small round tables with small chairs that can all be tucked away in a closet or corner when not in use.

Drop leaf tables fit up against a wall and can become part of the color d├ęcor of the kitchen even when they are not in use as a table. If the kitchen space has a small window with offset space it is sometimes possible to build it a breakfast nook eating area facing the outdoors. This is not great for family discussion but if there is only a couple in the home it is a great way to instantly expand the outdoor feel of the kitchen during meals.

Kitchen islands are always a great way to maximize the use of space for storage, work area and even eating area. You should seriously consider an island in your design if your kitchen space has enough room for a stand alone kitchen island.

Have you ever been on Amtrak trains recently? They have very efficient galley designed kitchens that are small but functional, effective and even attractive. These types of design ideas can be used if your kitchen space is long and deeper than it is wide.

Special lighting effects and limited use of mirrors can expand the look and feel of size in a small kitchen. Examples of the special lighting effects would be indirect and under counter lighting.

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