How to Decorate with a Cream Sofa

A cream sofa can really be very personal. It really gives you the opportunity to work with a lot of different design styles without changing out your furniture. This is a color and style that can really last you for several years or even decades. Here are a few tips with decorating with this kind of furniture.

You might be afraid of the cream sofa just because it doesn’t really seem that practical. However, you can really work around these designs limitations. You might want a lighter piece of furniture just to work within a small space. This way, it won’t really stand out as much. You also might want this kind of furniture just because you have a colored carpet or a lot of different colors of furniture in your room. You really want to break up the space even if you are just working with a dark wall color. It’s important to bring neutrals into your space so that the eye has somewhere to rest.

A cream sofa doesn’t have to be impractical. You can find ways to work around a light color. For instance you could just choose a fabric that is very easy to clean such as a leather or a faux suede. These will really help you take care of a lot of stains. It’s perfect if you have kids or pets, but you still always really wanted one of these kinds of pieces of furniture. Another option would be to go for a slipcover. This way you’ll be able to just take it off and either bleach it or follow the cleaning instructions to get rid of any of the stains that may occur.

You can really work this in with a lot of different design styles. There are a few different principles that you really will want to bring into play when you are decorating with this kind of furniture just so that your room design isn’t just beige and boring. You can even use this kind of furniture if you have basic white walls or you just don’t feel like painting. You don’t want to have a bland or boring space. Once you buy your new pieces you really want things to look upgraded so people can tell that you actually decorated. Here are a few of the different design considerations that you will to want to take into consideration.

You can still add in furniture with color or pattern that will really add new life to this kind piece. You could even just do this simply by bringing in a different coffee table or ottoman. For more of a sleek look than you could match this type of furniture with a brown or black footstool that will really bring in a lot of character. This will really add more of a wow factor but will also make your new furniture a lot more comfortable. Then you’ll want to tie these two pieces together either on your artwork or on something simple like a black-and-white window treatment which will really tie your color palette together and add a graphic element to the room.

It’s important to make sure that this kind of furniture has something special about it. You want to it to get noticed even if you are going for more of a subtle look where things will blend in. You can do this with color, pattern or scale. For instance you could just find a very oversized piece. This could even be a sectional for more of a casual and modern living room. This will be totally different from what you are used to seeing in most formal living rooms and it can also work very well for your lifestyle. Plus, since it will be a lighter color it can really help it so larger furniture pieces don’t dominate your space.

You might really want to play around with the different proportions of the piece so that it really has a wow factor. You could go with something with a very high back to it. This will have a French feeling that can be very sophisticated, but also provides a lot of back support at the same time.

You could also just change things up by going with a very curved or pronounced arm. This will have almost a coffee house feel to it. It can be traditional or very funky at the same time. You probably won’t want to use this on every single piece in your room. One of the advantages of decorating with one color palette is that you can mix and match different pieces from designer stores. This allows you to incorporate your existing furniture into a unique theme and look. Plus, you can always just change things out by buying a funky chair in the same color palette and this will save you a lot of money because you’ll be able to keep all of your existing pieces.

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