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When you spend so much of time in your garden, some garden designs are essential to spice up your view!

1. The first thing that you should keep in mind when selecting garden designs is : who will use your garden. There are certain theme gardens that you could consider like birds, butterflies, superheroes, etc. The people that go through your garden may not be aesthetically pleased by these designs. You should also consider how people are going to move through your garden.

2. To allow free movement in your garden, you should consider driveways and paths as part of your garden designs. You should also consider what could be pleasing to the people’s eyes. You could screen out undesirable views. You could also expose vistas that people will focus on. This will encourage them to get off the path or driveway and take a closer look at something interesting.

3. Functionality should be considered when you do garden designs. One important function is drainage. If you get drainage wrong, you could end up destroying your garden. A garden design with a good drainage system will be worth all the efforts in the end.

4. The style of your garden designs should be taken into consideration. When you are styling your garden, the structures that need to be designed around need to be kept in mind. The scale of the garden will help determine the style. The theme of the garden will also affect the style. The nearby features like trees, shrubs, walls, paths, etc. will all determine the style. Environmental factors like soil, sun and shade and how much maintenance you are willing to do on your garden will also affect the style.

Not all styles suit every location. English cottage gardens surrounding modern ranch homes or overly huge gardens surrounding small cottages look terribly out of place. You can fall in love with a certain style, but this does not mean that this style is appropriate for all locations.

5. When it comes to scale as part of your garden designs, there are two things that you need to keep in mind. You should not buy plants that will take decades to show people what the landscape actually looks like. You should not have shrubs in your garden that will end up blotting out the sun from the first floor of your home. Don’t put plants or trees in your landscape that will keep you from seeing the sun.

6. When it comes to themes of garden designs, you should not let them override any other considerations. The theme may not be appropriate for your location. You should not try to force it to part of your garden or it may look out of sync with the rest of the location.

If you follow some of these suggestions, your garden designs will definitely be the talk of the town.

There are also some other things to consider when you design or decorating your current garden.

Focus On One Part

One great idea for garden decor is to focus on a specific part of the garden. You can do this by building an arbor, gazebo or rose pillar in your garden. You can put some statues or sculptures that might draw interest. You could put a bird feeder or a bird bath. Whatever you decide to put in, try and build the rest of the garden around it.

Fountain Or Waterfall

Put a fountain or a waterfall in the garden as part of the garden decor. You could try to turn your whole garden into a water garden or the fountains or waterfalls could just be a stand alone feature. In some Japanese gardens, there are no water features, but they have something that represents water. You can put some sand in a corner rake it to make it look like waves. This might not as great as the real thing, but it certainly is a close alternative.

Containers and Planters

Another addition to your garden decor could containers or planters to hold your plants. With planters, you will find that there is wide variety of designs and materials to choose from. You can find containers made of concrete, fiber stone, fiber glass and plastic. You could opt for terracotta if you like earth tones. Correct use of planters can add height, shape and life to your garden or patio.

Block A Part

If you are not happy with the way a part of your garden looks, you can choose to block it. Buy plants that are climbers like ivy or vines to block the unattractive view. You can build a trellis or obelisk that you can combine with the climbers to block the view. By blocking this, you are in a way enhancing the effect of your garden decor.


At night, you can use lighting as a form of garden decor to great effect. You can spotlight a tree or any other by focusing light beams on it. Light your garden in an aesthetically pleasing manner. If you have a pathway in your garden make sure you light it up because, after all, you need to see where you are going!

Temporary Fixes

There are some temporary things that you could do to better your garden decor for your parties. If you don’t have much of a budget, you could light the garden for guests by using lanterns, candles or string lighting. Make an area within the garden that is simple, clean and tidy for visitors. You could put fragrant containers that would give the air around the garden a pleasant smell. Have comfortable garden chairs for your guests.

Whatever garden decor you choose, make sure it adds to your garden. The various parts should blend in as one and not clash with each other. Make your garden your very own piece of paradise.

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