Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinet

A kitchen is only as stylish as the wall art and home decor used when decorating. The room can have beautiful high-end cabinets, countertops, and appliances, but if the decor is lacking the kitchen is not nearly as impressive. When kitchen cabinets do not extend up to the ceiling, the way in which the area above the cabinets is decorated is particularly important. Instead of leaving the area above kitchen cabinets open and bare, and instead of decorating with kitchen appliances or using the area as storage space, consider the following ideas for decorating above kitchen cabinets. It is possible to make any kitchen look like a million bucks.

Birdhouse Decor

Decorative birdhouses are wonderful accents, especially in a kitchen. They are available in limitless styles and colors, and they are ideal for decorating the open area above kitchen cabinets. Consider beginning a collection of stylish birdhouses, and transform the area above kitchen cabinets into an impressive display that is sure to turn heads.

In addition to birdhouse decor, consider selecting artificial willow or pine branches to enhance the display. Arrange the branches around the birdhouses, and add a few faux birds to complete the look. The kitchen will become an indoor aviary, and the natural decor will help create a relaxed and comfortable setting for dining and relaxing with friends and family.


Baskets are another fabulous accent that can be used for decorating the area above kitchen cabinets. They are available in countless styles and price ranges to meet every budget, and many incorporate color. Select baskets that coordinate well with existing kitchen colors, or enhance baskets with colorful high-quality ribbons or fabric. Baskets can be easily lined, and the lining can be attached over the edges to make it visible from ground level. Basket displays will enhance just about any kitchen style, and they serve double-duty because they can be used in practical ways throughout the home. Best of all, they can be updated with embellishments when it is time for a completely new look.

Vintage Tins

Many people end up with collections of tins they do not know where to display. They save the tins for giving away baked goods and other gifts, and they are often cast aside in closets and cabinets because they take up too much counter space. Attractive and stylish tins should be placed on display instead of tucked away, and the area above kitchen cabinets is the ideal location. Select tins that match a particular theme or color, or scour flea markets and yard sales for vintage varieties. They will create interest and appeal in the kitchen while adding color and design to the area above kitchen cabinets.

Beautiful Glass Bottles

Glass bottles come in all shapes and sizes, and clear colored glass is particularly lovely when displayed in a kitchen. Many people would love to have a beautiful bottle collection, but they lack the necessary space in kitchen windows or on countertops or shelving. The open area above kitchen cabinets is the ideal location for a colorful collection of bottles.

For example, if cobalt blue is your preference, consider collecting cobalt blue vases and bottles as well as bottles in one or two other colors. White bottles displayed with cobalt blue are especially striking. Choose an accent color in your kitchen, and make use of the empty space above kitchen cabinets with striking bottle displays.

Lighting the Space

To make a dramatic impact with any display above kitchen cabinets, consider lighting the area. Glass bottles are especially lovely when illuminated, and birdhouses, tins, and baskets also look more appealing when the details are fully visible. Buy rope lights long enough to span the area above kitchen cabinets, and drill holes through the bottom and the top where the light would otherwise get in the way. Select colored lights to match accent colors in the kitchen, or choose amber or clear rope lights. They will create a stunning display that is sure to impress!

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