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Single Chair Bed

The single chair bed is really starting to come into its own. As space becomes more valuable and more expensive it is important to use the space you have well.

The single chair bed is a great way to be able to accommodate guests while still using the space on a daily basis.

A chair bed comes in two basic styles. The first is narrower and will usually be a foam fold out mattress. The second, and more expensive option is built like an armchair and contains a proper pull out bed with separate mattress.

Here are the three main aspects to consider before purchasing a single chair bed.

1. Who will be sleeping on it? The foam mattress is great for kids. Adults can sleep on them, but if they are heavy they may not have a particularly comfortable nights sleep. The foam mattress is also great for small kids as there is almost no distance to fall if they roll out of bed.

2. How often will it be used? If you are only expecting the bed to be used occasionally then either design will be fine. However, if you are expecting the bed to be used for more than one night at a time then the armchair design is probably better. It will not only be more comfortable for your guest, but is also healthier. The foam mattress will lie flat on the floor and is attached to the chair so it hard to air to circulate. The armchair bed has a detachable mattress which can easily be aired when necessary.

3. Who will use it as a chair? If you are expecting this to be used by kids, or kept in a kids bedroom then it is advisable to make sure that it has detachable covers which can be washed. Although the cushion on the arm chair will be washable you may not be able to wash the covering of the back and arms. However, some of the foam chair beds come with fully washable covers.

Once you have decided on the location and use of your single chair bed then you can hit the shops with confidence.

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