Buying Sectional Sofas

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of sectional sofas that saturate the living room furniture market? When I was shopping for my new living room set I was completely surprised by the vast amounts of options for sectional sofas. After visiting several furniture stores, feeling completely overwhelmed, I went home and started doing some consumer related research to find out exactly what I needed to know before making my sofa purchase.

Step 1: Measure your room

Many people become too focused on a sofa that they find at a furniture store that they fall in love and make the purchase without fully understanding if and how the piece will fit in their room. Find some graph paper and draw out your room using each block as a square foot. This is an interior designer tip that professionals use all the time to plan out their room designs. Once you have the exact dimensions of your room graphed out, you’ll be able to see exactly how your sofa will fit in the room once it’s been delivered.

Step 2: Figure out which style you like

Often times furniture stores will have a decent selection of sectional sofas on their show room floor for you to try out before you buy. Many times people will jump right to this step, however the best thing to do is to visit the websites of the furniture stores you plan on visiting first to see which styles you like. If you find several online that you do like, you’ll be able to use the graph paper layout of your room to see how the sofa will fit. The dimensions of the furniture are always listed online for each piece. Browsing online also gives you the ability to see things that may not be on display at the store. Another advantage of browsing online is it gives you the ability to view literally thousands of different styles without having to get into a car, drive to the store, then walk around for hours. This saves time and energy.

Step 3: Visit the retail store

Once you’ve found the sectional sofas that you like, and have made sure they fit in your room, the next step will be to go try them out. It’s a good idea to call the store a head of time to see if the particular model you like is being displayed. Sometimes one retail store location might not have your favorite model displayed, but another store a few miles up the road does. Map it out to save time. When you do get to the store, ask a sales person to take you to the sofa. Sit on it like you would at home. This is very important. Sometimes the way people sit on the sofa at the store doesn’t match the way they’ll be using it at home. This leads to mistakes that can’t be undone. Most of the time once the piece of furniture has been delivered to your house the sale is considered final. So lay on it, sit on it, recline, do all the things that you’ll do with it in your own living room. Do not compromise on comfort. If you don’t like how it feels in the store then you’ll never like how it feels in your home.

Step 4: Buy the sofa

I highly suggest waiting till the store has a major sale. Holiday weekends make for the best times to buy. Often the items will be offered at a hefty discount which will save you money. Also be aware of the warranty that will be pitched to you at the time of purchase. Usually the warranty will only cover defects in the design of the product. If you have kids or pets that you think might damage the product, make sure you ask if that would be covered by the warranty. You’ll be surprised how many of them will only cover specific defects as opposed to human damage.

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