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Matching the Room to Your Personality

Looking for bedroom decorating ideas? Then, consider bathroom decorating themes.

When selecting a bedroom decorating theme, take your personality into consideration.

Your bedroom is your haven, your personal space for solitude, rest and relaxation.

Aligning your bedroom decorating ideas to your individual qualities creates a space where you can rejuvenate your soul as well as your body.

Knowing what types of decorating plans parallel or compliment your inner self is the place to start.

Someone possessing the personality trait of a considerate person is typically labeled as being of the “warm and fuzzy” genre. A bedroom decorating plan that melds well for this character type is a homey, rustic approach, using warm color palettes.

Sticking with gold, dark browns and shades of peach with accents in rust or burnt oranges will promote the homey warmth desired. The furnishings selected should be in rich, warm wood tones. Just avoid making the room too dark or dreary by keeping to the lighter shades within the palette.

Your bedroom decorating should result in an atmosphere that is inviting, cozy and comfortable. Contemplate adding a fireplace to the room to enhance that earthy feel.

If you’re more analytical and methodical in your personality, a more modern decorating theme may be right for you. The linear pattern of modern furnishings along with a cool color palette will be the approach to your bedroom decorating plan.

Select dressers, bureaus, nightstands and beds that have clean lines. Scandinavian or an art-deco theme using acrylics, stainless steel and glass or mirrors will compliment your scientific approach to life. Enhance your modern decorating theme with cooler colors, such as silver and green with a neutral base of white or black.

A touch of bright blue or red can prevent the room from appearing too antiseptic. Add a bit of zing to your bedroom decorating with an artsy sculpted steel floor lamp.

An adaptable, tolerant person who is more flexible in their approach to life will feel comfortable with several bedroom decorating schemes. Traditional concepts work well, as do blends of the various color palettes.

Decorating plans for this often compromising person can focus on mixing of neutrals, cooler colors, warm and blended tones. French country works well for the gals and primitive or southwestern for the guys who are the more “middle of the road” personality types.

Overdoing it with accessories will make these rooms appear cluttered and cramped. Sometimes the more prudent decorating approach is to add a few great touches instead of many mediocre ones.

A nice brass bed with just a touch of floral or a light southwester print can be a focal point to start your bedroom decorating from.

The simple truth is, your bedroom is your private sanctuary. Whatever your bedroom decorating idea, it should promote a place of refuge from a long, busy day.

The best rule of thumb is to create a space that enables you to relax, unwind and shed the stress of the day. Comfort and rejuvenation is the goal, so choose your bedroom decorating theme to suit your inner soul.

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

In need of kids bedroom decorating ideas? Then let your imagination soar!

Apatosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Deinonychus: delicious words that children the world over love to roll around the tongues.

I have always suspected it was the thrill of the syllables that caught children’s imaginations everywhere, rather than the actual Mesozoic, Cretaceous or Jurassic pre-history itself.

Whatever it is, it certainly captures a child’s imagination – as true today as it was thirty years’ ago. Other childhood themes seem to come and go, enjoying a moment of glory and then sinking below the public’s attention until a new theme arises.

Dinosaurs, from whatever period, seem to retain a permanent place in most children’s psyche and appear to be here to stay.

So, is your child a budding palaeontologist, or just fascinated by the vast creatures that roamed the earth in the far distant past? Creating a dinosaur-themed bedroom for them can take different avenues.

You can aim these kids bedroom decorating ideas at the pre-school, with more cartooney-type characters, at the primary stage with their sheer fascination for those big, bad lizards and those ghastly giants with gigantic teeth and little feet, or even at the pre-teen stage where older boys [and sometimes girls] are fascinated at the science behind these enormous creatures of the past.

Many retailers are now devoted to kids bedroom decorating ideas and specialize in complete designs focused on individual themes and dinosaurs are no exception. However, to start decorating you need to paint the walls in a textured beige-coloured paint that represents the interior of a cave.

From this base you can slowly and carefully build up a picture using murals that are easily obtainable from many specialist retail outlets.

A shadow drawing of a meat-eating Dromaeosaurs, Deinonychus, slightly behind a clear bright mural of a plant-eating Stygimoloch would provide an interesting accent wall, creating an in-depth 3D effect and muted lighting with an angled spotlight to highlight the wall would create an interesting ambience.

For the rest of the effect for these kids bedroom decorating ideas, whether dinosaur or any other theme, it is now possible to obtain soft furnishings from one of the many outlets that specialize in kids bedroom decorating ideas.

It might be an idea to purchase a door mural that covers the inside of the door. This mural is designed to fit a 34 inch door frame, although it can be trimmed to fit doors that are smaller than that.

This mural, and others like it, is available from the website called That’s My Room.

When it comes to the floor, you really do need hardwearing floor covering such as one of the many commercial types of tight weave that is usually treated with a stain resistant finish to maintain its pristine appearance in heavy traffic areas.

Hardwood or laminate wood flooring would also be appropriate as a floor covering, perhaps with some rugs strategically scattered to break up the floor expanse. Floor stencilling is now becoming quite popular and developing this to take in kids bedroom decorating ideas is quite a good way of giving your child’s bedroom floor an individual appearance.

Stencilling is quite difficult to achieve properly, but if you are able to make a good job of it then a staggered frieze stencilled on the floor would probably look really good. Finish off with a rug from Furniture Buzz Kids website, featuring a background of dinosaurs.

This Mesozoic rug is made by Rug Market and, although quite expensive, is good quality and will finish your kids bedroom decorating ideas off perfectly.

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