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Improving your bathroom with bathroom design ideas and bathroom interior design ideas

Why consider bathroom interior design ideas and bathroom design ideas? This space should be viewed as a necessary room at home for retreat, for relaxation from the pressures of everyday life and for a place of renewal for your body and spirit.

Consider these bathroom interior design ideas as you plan this important room.

1. To remove odors, condensation and humidity, budget for a power ventilator powerful enough to do the job.

Most of these fans can be place on timers, which means that the fan will be turned off when the humidity is removed or turned on when the humidity levels are high.

You do not want your walls to break into a sweat every time someone showers or your paint or wall paper will start peeling. If you live in climates prone to mold, rot and mildew, you should install an exhaust fan that moves the humidity out through a duct from which it is exhausted outside.

Ventilating fan is measured by the amount of cubic feet of air they move each minute or CFM.

Your bathroom interior design must have a proper ventilation system that will be able to move all the room’s air to the outside in less than eight minutes.

For example, a 6′ x 10′ x 8′ ceiling height bathroom contains 480 cubic feet (6x10x8)…so 480 divided by 8 minutes equals a 60 CFM fan size.

Make sure the exhaust fan is quiet, vents to the outside (not into the attic), and it is placed near the shower or bathtub.

Fans are rated in sones based on the amount of noise they produce. A rating of 1 sone means that it is the quietest, higher numbers will be noisier.

2. Decide what kind of light fixtures, towel bars, vanities, medicine cabinets or mirrors or switch plate covers are best for your particular bathroom design.

Consider buying good quality fixtures and accessories. You’ll want products that will last a long time and are related to each other in design, materials and appearance.

3. You’ll find these types of sinks, lavatories or basins:

• Wall mount hung sinks,
• Pedestal or freestanding sinks,
• Legged and drop in sinks.

A wall-hung sink uses the least amount of floor space. The pedestal sink uses only a few square inches of floor space but it gives you no storage space. Vanities take up more floor space but they offer plenty of storage as well as covering the plumbing.

But you should consider that if anyone in your family uses a wheelchair, a regular vanity will give you maneuverability problems. When buying a vanity, specify that you need one designed to be used by wheelchair users.

A wheelchair accessible sink needs to have 29 inches of clearance from the floor to the bottom of the front of the sink. A good compromise for all potential users is a 32-inch high counter.

4. For floor covering options, make sure the type of floor you select has the ability to handle moisture, it is safe to walk on when wet and it is easy to clean.

Bathroom floors should be functional because they will be taking a great deal of daily abuse – ceramic tile is a good choice because it lasts a lifetime if properly installed.

There is a wide selection of colors, shapes and designs that you can have with ceramic tile. The only disadvantage with glazed ceramic tile is that it can be slippery when wet – select a matte floor tile to keep from having a slippery floor.

Do not have sudden changes in elevation on your floor. They are not safe for children, the elderly or anyone using a wheelchair or walker.

5. Accessories can be found in a variety of materials – porcelain, brass, steel, chrome, nickel and vitreous china.

Polished brass accessories that are lacquered are popular and they will not tarnish.

Do not use towel bars as grab bars. They are not strong enough! The correct bathroom interior design idea is to use grab bars – they are much stronger and made of solid brass tubing, welded stainless steel or brazed solid brass.

6. If you have decided that you are going to remodel or are planning major structural changes:

• make sure you develop a budget for this project,
• either know what to do or hire a competent contractor to rearrange the space and implement your bathroom interior design ideas,
• develop a great lighting plan using both natural and artificial lighting,
• shop for fixtures and accessories,
• decide how much bathroom storage cabinets space you will need,
• make sure you have a good ventilation system,
• create separate compartments for your shower, tub and toilet,
• decorate using pictures, candles, mirrors, plants, wallpaper and other bathroom decor.

7. Window treatments are a good idea for your bathroom, especially if you have a window that requires you to add curtains or blinds for privacy.

You have several types of window treatments for your bathroom interior design ideas:

• Transparent windows
• Venetian blinds
• Curtains
• Frosted glass
• Wooden shutters
• Stain glass panel
• Roman style shades in fabric

8. If you have anyone in the family using a wheelchair, you may want to consider creating a barrier-free room that gives the person the possibility of maneuvering in the room.

Doorways should be 3 feet wide according to accessibility standards so the wheelchair can pass through and the doors should swing outward.

For the wheelchair to turn, allow 5 feet in diameter for easy turning. The shower stall needs to be at least 4 feet square and the opening to the shower 36 inches wide.

Make sure you have a seat in the shower and grab bars to hold on to for comfort, safety and bathroom interior design ideas.

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