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10 Great Bathroom Decorating Ideas

For good free bathroom decorating ideas, begin with the furniture. Decorating bathroom ideas and furniture include different types of cabinets, towel stands, towel warmers, vanities, stools and mirrors. The items that are the most decorative and perhaps the most expensive in this room are the sinks and vanities.

Tip #1 – One of the decorating trends to consider is converting a vintage dresser or antique dresser into a vanity. If the dresser has a drawer at the top, take the drawer out and create a false front. You do not want the drawer to hit the sink and the pipes when you close it.

If your room is small – lighter colors and cabinetry (vanity, wall cabinets and medicine cabinets) can make a small room seem larger.

Dark cabinetry is very beautiful and if that is what you want, make sure the room is well lit with natural and artificial light.

Tip #2 – Another one of the best bathroom decorating ideas is to make sure your room gets plenty of natural light without sacrificing privacy.

This can be accomplished with a window, perhaps a wall skylight or a roof skylight to bring in natural light, a view or a dramatic sky-scape.

To have a skylight that can be opened is a wonderful advantage because it reduces or avoids moisture build-up in the room.

Large mirrors, large windows, skylights, walls made of glass blocks and open or glass enclosed showers will create a sense of openness, making the space in the room appear larger than its actual dimensions.

Rooms without windows are boring, depressing and confining. Today you can find windows and skylights with stained glass, etched glass or leaded glass that will make your bathroom design spectacular.

Tip #3 Color is an important factor and it can affect your mood. If you use light colors, your room will appear larger. However, using darker colors will make the space appear smaller.

Colors like yellow, green, pink, white and blue are neutral, softer, cooler and more relaxing.

Red, dark blue, black, orange or other strong colors will be over-stimulating, high energy and they will make your room seem smaller than it really is.

When decorating a very small bathroom, avoid using strong colors. Small bathrooms can become overpowered by the use of very bright colors.

If a room is very large, it can sometimes be interesting to use a mixture of colors.

Tip #4 If you are going to use soft or neutral colors on the wall and fixtures, consider getting attractive and colorful bath linens and bath mats for your bathroom.

Doing so will create a nice contrast that you’ll enjoy! Accessories can be the finishing touch but make sure they complement the materials, fixtures and colors used on the walls and floors.

Tip #5 Another bathroom decorating ideas is to improve your storage, which can be a challenge to do in a very small room.

It is impossible to have too much storage. Storage eliminates clutter and it provides a place for your grooming supplies, cleaners, cosmetics, towels and much more.

Make sure you buy a closet or large cabinet for your towels. Add shelves in areas where you think may be practical. Corner shelves can be placed and take advantage of frequently wasted space.

Consider buying a vanity with a single sink (if your bath room is small) – or a long vanity with two sinks, or two vanities with its own sink and mirror if you have a large room.

If the space is large enough and you are looking for extra storage, you can use a chest of drawers or a floor standing cabinet to store your towels or supplies.

Vanities can make great storage for some of your bathroom supplies. A medicine cabinet above the vanity can also be a great storage place for medicine and toiletries.

Use the space over the toilet for wall cabinets or freestanding shelf units. Review everything you need to create perfect bathroom storage cabinets.

Tip #6 Consider having good lighting (artificial lighting) – good lighting is often overlooked. Recessed lights are very popular and they can be used to highlight certain key areas like a mirror used for grooming or the area where you put on your makeup.

You can install dimmers so that you can adjust the lighting to be as bright or as soft as you want. While you are soaking in the tub, you may want soft light for a very relaxing feel or you may need strong task lighting for grooming or shaving. A dimmer switch provides these options.

Read more about how to enhance the mood of this room using bathroom light fixtures.

Tip #7 Having a large and beautiful mirror above the sink is another of the bathroom decorating ideas, because it reflects additional natural light into the room.

If you are going to have two sinks, place one mirror above each sink or one large mirror for both. Mirrors will create a sense of openness which has the effect of making the space appear larger than its actual dimensions.

Tip #8 Another one of the decorating bathroom ideas is related to choosing the right faucet finish for your room. The correct finish depends on your bathroom decor.

Faucets made of chrome are the most popular choice and are often used in more contemporary decorating. Brass is also very popular, works well and will give your bathroom a more traditional look.

Gold plated, porcelain, nickel, brass, matte black and copper tend to be used in more traditional decorating and they are highly fashionable today.

Tip #9 Make sure you coordinate or match your sinks’ faucets with those used in your tub and shower – at least use the same type of finish to unify your design. If your light fixtures are made of chrome, make sure you don’t buy other accessories made of brass for example.

Tip #10 Bathroom decorating ideas

• Towel bars,
• Towel warmers,
• Towel rings,
• Toilet paper holders,
• Soap dishes,
• Bathroom safety grab bars,
• Soap dispensers,
• Lotion dispensers,
• Tissue holders,
• Electrical outlets,
• Switch covers,
• Cabinet and door knobs and handles…

should have the same finish for the accessories and hardware to maintain a coordinated look.

It would look strange to have chrome faucets and brass accessories, for example. It would also look strange if you invest in beautiful accessories and use cheap plastic electrical covers. Make sure all elements for the decorating ideas for bathroom fit well together.

Most accessories are available in a variety of finishes and styles – stainless steel, polished chrome, polished nickel, brass, satin nickel, gold, antique nickel and matte chrome for bathroom decorating ideas.

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